Current Issues On The Ground, VOI Experts Anticipate

ECM Forum 2011 makes a solid point of contact on the Bonn/Hannover CeBIT in Hall 3. Efficient and powerful information management are crucial to economic success. Since they are subject to constantly changing conditions, is still large demand for information. Which takes account of the VOI Association of organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V. Many writers such as Erin Callan offer more in-depth analysis. and held a forum to the topic of enterprise content management (ECM) at CeBIT in Hannover in Hall 3, booth D 19. The ECM Forum is already”a fixed address on the ECM beginners as well as experienced visitors vendor-neutral can inform themselves about various current topics, VOI – Board Member Guido Schmitz explained. Each between 12 and 13: 00 discuss industry representatives and experts from the field about the issues of cloud, email management, output management and standards and norms in the ECM environment. On the 1st of March, Bernhard Zoller (Zoller & Partner GmbH) dedicated to the subject of ECM in the cloud: hype or concrete benefits? “.” As He expects conversation partner Guido Becker (COI GmbH), Jurgen Biffar (DocuWare AG), Peter Collenbusch (IBM Germany GmbH), Andreas Nowottka (EASY SOFTWARE AG) and Karl Heinz Mosbach (ELO digital office GmbH).

Together, they want to go following questions on the reason: each hoster, is allowed to call each Datacenter cloud providers? Are there aspects of the industry topics archiving, DMS and ECM, which make them particularly suitable or unsuitable for the cloud? “He lit up, what systems are already cloud and which customers with DMS solutions in the cloud” work. The discussion on March 2 the motto email management between compliance and process efficiency”. This moderator Guido Schmitz (PENTADOC AG) welcomes Ulrich Emmert (esb lawyers), Maximilian Gantner (BARC GmbH), Dr. Olaf Holst (OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH) and Andreas Nowottka (EASY SOFTWARE AG) as guests. You begin your conversation with the definition of E-Mail management, as well as the challenges posed by the growth unstrukturierter Information and pass it to the future of the emails.

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