Culture In The Global World

The culture in the global world Melendez Lopez Teodulo cultural approach of globalization involves an escape from outdated economism to reduce it to some analysts. Read more here: Home Depot. If we have to look at the world as a multidimensional process and culture as the ultimate gauge of development, we can escape the simplistic. ts. Building a network of interconnected networks at different levels should lead to a deepening of the dangers of homogenization and analysis of how diversity (traditions, languages, identities) are inserted in this new global reality. The simplicity of globalization is in every room MacDonald does not seem to fit for a serious, but the call stands caviar left there in the repetition of the danger of imposing a single thought. One thing is the behavior of so-called power centers, as they have existed and still exist, and another reloaded diversity of cultural events are inserted into the emerging globalization, some of the ignorance and becoming universal by means of the new horizontal communication. One looks in continental organization systems more advanced, read Europe and is a concern for culture.

In the European documents on culture diversity proclaims to the principle of unity. Moreover, it rightly points out that before the first agreements on coal and steel, that is, before the start of economic-political construction of Europe, which joined the old continent was named culture. Can not be found in European unification examples of disrespect for cultural diversity of Member States. What has happened is the opposite, the European public's exposure to a variety than before, or was impossible or that presented obstacles.

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