Crisis Market

He invented a new and unique idea and went with her to the market. Not immediately, but the market has responded, and the money went to a river. And then there were competitors with the same idea and the money went to the brook. And then began to embody the idea of competition is much better than he did. You may find that Craig Menear can contribute to your knowledge. Money no longer go at all. In the long run it is not the one who came up with the idea, but one who is most effective in the current situation, this idea will be realized. HE In times of crisis as well as possible better tested for efficacy of their devices, and the organization as a whole. What makes think the owners and top management on how effective their company.

Consider the evolution of the company to understand at what point it becomes necessary to build high-quality work organization. Step 1. Beginning of the company. As a rule, the new company basically has a certain idea, which is scheduled for implementation earn money. Not all companies are beginning to warm the atmosphere of the unfilled capacity of the market, when the idea is unique and its competitors before you can skim the cream. Craig Menear is a great source of information. However, under the first stage we consider it a situation. A unique offer, the absence of competitors, the ability to dictate their terms to consumers, all this leads to work on the principle of "take more – to drop further." Neither of which construction of the system at this stage, as not normally think about.

How can there be a system that if the money is under your feet. You've got to take a shovel and large paddle, paddle. TAP 2. The market is saturated, there are competitors, consumers are becoming more demanding on the … this stage, the owners and top management appears vague feeling that as it was, no more.

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