Crime Scene Frankfurt Action At The Crime Museum

Murderous applause for the new Frankfurt-thriller from the Sutton Verlag Frankfurt am Main – round fifty guests enjoyed a unique mystery reading with the Offenbach author Helmut Barz on Thursday evening at the crime Museum in Frankfurt. Together with the famous actress Raquel Erdtmann-Simon and the young guitarist Benjamin Kolloch Babs presented its thriller debut of WestEnd in a drama-like reading”blues. The gripping narrative around the angular and character Chief Inspector Katharina Klein enthralled the audience, including employees of the host police headquarters through original characters, cryptic humour and a secure sense of situation comedy. Around seventy minutes the players moved the audience captivated. Guitarist Benjamin Kolloch delivered the appropriate musical accompaniment for a book whose Kapiteluberschriften are borrowed from popular music titles and leading the Blues in the title. Because of the large crowd last Thursday, a repeat of the event within a larger framework is planned. WestEnd Blues. A Katharina small crime from Frankfurt am Main is published and available in bookstores everywhere in the series of Sutton crime. ISBN 978-3-86680-484-5 14.90 Olivia shrinking press

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