Creating a Presence in Europe

The methods are incredibly simple, all you need to know the ABC and the machinery is in motion! Let me tell you more … You will master all in a clear, fully illustrated, quick and free of jargon, step by step. The Secret of 2008 is IN-VIEW-TIR. I wish you a great investment, and here’s a small technical article from one of our analysts for the last week. Update on the Stock Exchange of Spain’s Ibex won a new historic record at 15,895.4 points after rising 0.44% during the session.

The utilities recorded the best performance of the session, while crude oil continued its relentless climb to the future of Brent at $ 93.4 a barrel. In a day without the macro data services PMI, which rose in Spain and the Eurozone, the presentation of results from the meeting encouraged Natural Gas. Meanwhile, a rising euro was trading at $ 1.45. In Europe, the bags deflate after starting mid-session with notable spikes, but managed to finish in positive with the exception of Milan that was left by 0.07%. For its part, increased by 0.44% Paris, Frankfurt and London 0.27% 0.06%.

The financial and insurance sector again became a burden in Europe, with Alllianz the front left of the losses to 1.77%. By contrast, the largest increase was for Nokia (2.35%), boosted by the announcement of Google, which yesterday told plans to enter the mobile telephony market in 2008 through an Internet software, which could participate Nokia. After beginning to rise thanks to the technology sector, the United States would generate small losses.

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