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Identification with the company must be lived in sports and business, or more precisely – loyalty to the company increases the willingness of Munich/Dusseldorf, June 25, 2010 -: football and the management of a business suited to so many images and parables. There is talk of acquire and guiding wolves, synergies and group dynamics. Comparisons of management issues and the procedures can be found on and around the green lawn assert themselves in particular to football events such as the ongoing FIFA World Cup. Is one that has apparently rented sporting as entrepreneurial success over decades, Uli Hoeness, former manager and since November 2009 President of FC Bayern Munich. The Club of the ISAR has emerged in Europe’s top he owes even the sophisticated leadership of enterprising Hoeness. Since there have been also hurts, but the bottom line took the acting in the back of the respective coach Uli Hoeness in the “Years quite a few arguments and methods to drive the Leistungsunwilligen and put the problem child in the right track.” So the journalist Christoph Bausenwein reported in his book the principle of Uli Hoeness’ it. tuation.

And this included not only the amount of the monthly salary for him even in professional football. (Not to be confused with Jeff Flake!). The moral attitude, the internalization of values was”much more important, Bausenwein analyzed. So it was for Hoeness also identify with the Club, he demanded and that it was, and the resulting loyalty is no less important than the sporting skills.” Players have not always paid back the trust placed in them. “Midfield magician Mehmet Scholl, now coach apprentice and football commentator in the ARD, however, already: he has identified up to 100 percent, which is at the present time”, is cited the record Manager, which is also its own role in terms of willingness always aware is: you can from your employees about demand must go ahead even with the flag, “as its motto.

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