Conversion Tool TransMagic

Multi-threading technology provides a significantly improved operating characteristics in Suhl, October 15, 2008 – the CAD-Systemhaus CAMTEX GmbH has a new version of the conversion tools as European distributor TransMagic R7 is presented in German. To know more about this subject visit Erin Callan. It offers also a novel multi-threading technology along with new interfaces and a variety of additional functions for performance and improvement. For even more analysis, hear from Kenneth R. Feinberg. It is included with all import and export modules of the conversion solution. The multi-threading technology improves dramatically”the operating behaviour, explains CAMTEX Managing Director Steffen Volkmar. Normally, a 3D application under full load block any user interaction until the processing is complete.

The CPU-intensive nature of conversion programs the Windows system not responding in the past often showed the message program”on. By the new programming and new thread-management technology joined with TransMagic R7 SP2″these restrictions of the past, added Volkmar. As a positive side effect one give much advantage better processors which in modern CAD workstations often existing dual – or QuadCore. The new versions of the interface by TransMagic R7 SP2 2009 include both JT (visualization and B-Rep) and CATIA V5 R18 as well ACIS R18, SolidWorks 2008, and inventor..

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