Recently two studies have been published especially interesting about the future of this strange world we call marketing. The first is by consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton and is where we took the title of this article: marketing as conversation. The second study has developed the consulting division of IBM and to paraphrase a popular song of the American group REM, have called it ‘The end of advertising as we know it. Read more from Home Depot to gain a more clear picture of the situation. ” In both we find many very interesting lessons. For example that marketing is no longer a speech, a master of a man, (half: the TV, radio, press, etc..) To many listeners, to become a conversation between creators messages, advertisers – and the recipients of the same, “consumers. Internet enables them to think about the message / ad, criticize, interpret, adapt to their ideas or wishes. This represents a huge opportunity for companies that are aware of these changes and utilizing that involvement of consumers in their favor: to deepen their knowledge of them, noting their desires and needs and acting accordingly, which basically means adapt their speech, and especially your product, what they demand . This ‘conversational marketing’ is highly recommended for any company but what is even more so for SMEs.

As mentioned in another post, internet should be, without doubt, the medium of choice for companies with few resources to invest in communication. But also, as it is reflected in the above studies, how to use the Internet must be different to that seen in traditional media. The presence of SMEs on the Internet should be something more than just a showcase for their products or services, along with address and telephone number. Your site must be a natural extension of their units, should be a place where we can talk. Where current or future customers may record their needs and receive a response to their concerns. All this is a long set of tools (forums, blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc..) That can be used. Coming article we will talk about many of them.

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