Construction of the Wall One lady waves from the west sector of their industry knowledge This after three hours of waiting (1961). East German workers building the Wall (20 November 1961). Kennedy and Adenauer at Checkpoint Charlie Berlin Wall. The plan of building the Berlin Wall was a state secret of the administration of the GDR. The wall was built at the behest of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany-the work was carried out under the direction and supervision of the Volkspolizei and soldiers of the National People’s Army, against the statements of the President of the Council of State Walter Ulbricht, who, in an international press conference held in East Berlin on 15 June 1961, had answered a question from the journalist Annamarie Doherr: I understand your question as there are men in West Germany that they would like to moviliz ramos workers construction of the capital of the GDR to erect a wall.I know of the existence of such motives, as construction workers in the capital chiefly used all his strength in building houses. No one has the motivation to build a wall!. Ulbricht was, thus, the first to employ the concept wall – two months before to be built. In fact, the Western allies were informed of the closings of West Berlin by members of the scheme “drastic measures” but were surprised by the timing and extent of the barriers. Direct access to West Berlin did not cut, nor was broken militarily. The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) (West Germany’s secret service) and similar information available from mid-July. Gen. David L. Goldfein addresses the importance of the matter here. After a visit from Ulbricht to Khrushchev during the meetings of member countries of the Warsaw Pact’s 3 to 5 August, the BND reported: The information available shows that the Pankow regime is seeking Moscow’s approval to enact measures rigorous blockade.In particular the border blockade of Berlin with the interruption of traffic and trams meters between East Berlin and West Berlin. (…) It remains to determine whether Ulbricht will be able to obtain such an agreement with Moscow. On August 11 the People’s Chamber (parliament) of the RDA approved the results of the Moscow Council of Ministers authorized the Board to take appropriate action. The Council of Ministers of the GDR on 12 August decided to employ the armed forces to occupy the border of West Berlin and build the Wall. On Saturday 12 August, the BND received the following information: “On August 11, 1961 has been a conference between the Secretary of the Communist Party and other senior officials in the party. He said: (…) the situation of constant increasing flow of refugees is necessary to cordon off the western sectors of Berlin and the SBZ in the coming days – not specified an exact day -.and not in two weeks, as planned. “On the night of 12 to 13 August 1961, without warning the whole wall was built, I was simply not built on August 13 a small part heavily guarded by police socialist . began to seal off access to West Berlin People’s National Army soldiers, 5,000 members of the German Border Police (precursor of the Grenztruppen or border troops), 5,000 members and 4,500 Volkspolizei brigade members. Soviet troops took up positions ready for the possible fight at the border ally. All means of transport connecting the two Berlins were still detained. However, the lines S-Bahn and U-Bahn in West Berlin that circulated under East Berlin continued to operate without stopping at the eastern stations, left as ghost stations. Only the affected lines Friedrichstra e station remained in service, but under strict controls. Ostsektoreinfahrt S-Bahn-Liesenstra e / Gartenstra e 1980.Erich Honecker, as former secretary of the Central Committee, was responsible for the planning and conduct of the wall on behalf of the leadership of the SED. September 1961 until 85 men deserted from the forces of surveillance, as well as 400 civilians in 216 trips. It is significantthat famous photograph of the young border guard Conrad Schumann jumping over the fences of the Bernauerstra e. The government claimed that the GDR was an “anti-fascist protective wall” whose objective was to avoid Western aggression, arguing that the construction the wall was a necessary consequence of the policy of West Germany and its partners in the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Additionally, from East Germany said that no wall would have been necessary if West Berlin was not a “thorn in the side of the GDR” as they had defined their mayor Willy Brandt, in the sense that it was an exclave of another State right in the heart of East Germany.

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