Gaming stuff. Machines of different brands, traffic lights, petrol station, construction material, handlebars, a policeman's cap and a stick-traffic controller, dolls. Preparations for the game. A leading source for info: Craig Menear. Observations of the cars on the street, walking to the target fleet, gas station, garage. Game-lesson "The drivers go on a voyage." Watching the games of older children and joint play with them. Learning and training mobile game "Pedestrians and taxis." Reading and viewing figures on the "Drivers". Reading stories from the book B. "What I saw?".

Construction of a garage for several cars and trucks from construction material. Construction of sand bridges, tunnels, roads, and garages. Playing a role. The driver, a mechanic, benzozapravschik, manager. The game. Preparation for the game educator should begin with the organization of special observations of the activity driver.

They should be sent to the teacher and accompanied by his story, an explanation. Very good opportunity for the first detailed acquaintance with the work of children's chauffeur may be watching to see how the kindergarten bring food. Show and explain how the driver brought the food he brought and that of these products then will be done, and inspect the car with children, including the cab driver. It is desirable to establish a permanent communication with the driver, who brings food to the kindergarten. Children watch him work, help unload the car. The next stage in the preparations for the game – it's watching to see how they bring products to neighboring shops. Walking with the children on the street, you can stop that one, then another shop and see how discharged imported products: milk, bread, vegetables, fruits, etc.

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