Before the construction of baths should be taken into account, what materials, and in what area to build it. It is also necessary to provide what it should be in appearance, the internal mechanics, size and equipment. The entrance to the building desirable from the south it is for these reasons. From the southern direction there is less snow, and they melt faster, so in cold weather is making it easier to use. But it is desirable to carry out the windows to the west, as the melt bath traditionally the evening, and it gives the sun to penetrate through the windows. Primerica Life Insurance often addresses the matter in his writings. Design bath also affects its area of deployment.

If you plan to smoky sauna that is heated by – the black, then to the border area and other buildings distancing must be at least 12 m. It is desirable that the structure was located in the direction of the neighboring houses, which mostly winds. In places with high accuracy of the population is not permitted by their construction. From – the increased risk of fire, they are undesirable and in rural areas. For such a bath in some European countries levy. We have no tax, but now almost never build baths with this method of firing. Place the water is ideal, but not near water, and at a distance of 15 – 30 m, where there is no danger of flooding. Remember that eating in the bath water in the border on Wednesday to fall and should not pollute.

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