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System of Ambient Management the ecological perspective that has dominated the focus of the system of production and relative ambient altoscustos consumption that demand to the natural resources, as well as in relation to the not biodegradveis aosresduos that exceed the capacity of the nature deabsoro of these debris and components. Semenik (1996 P. 779) affirms that asempresas they are promoting efforts to protect the environment pelaeliminao of toxic materials of the production and for the use of materials or the Conference of Estocolmo realizadaem Estolcomo, in June of 1972, and was marked by the quarrel on asocorrncias of ambient pollution that placed the health at risk human being and asadia quality of life. in this same decade the term ecomarketing appears, when LOVES it American Association Marketing carried through one workshop with ainteno to argue the impact of the marketing on the environment, sendodefinido the ecological marketing as the study of the positive impacts and negativosdas activities of marketing in relation to the pollution, to the energy exhaustion eao exhaustion of the resources you did not renew. (POLONSKY, 1994) In 1983, the Organization of United Nations ONU, created the ComissoMundial on> Environment and, in 1987, this commission in common presented relatriodenominado our Future, that doambiente in the accomplishment of the sustainable development enhanced the importance of the protection, initiating a process dedebate on the interconnection between ambient questions and development.

It does not exist perspective future of development econmicosem the concern in preserving the environment. If you would like to know more then you should visit Euro Pacific Precious Metals. According to Motta (1997), the primeiradiscusso for this problematic one must inside be around the economic planning eas economic implications of the support context, in will qualdefiniremos through the development concept, having kept the environment eos natural resources so that the future generations have conditions desobrevivncia. In the decade of 90 the prominences had been the Enterprise Letter parao Sustainable Development and the World-wide Conference of the Environment.. .

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