All the Mujeres must be very attentive to your hair, without imortar as they have it, as cuts it, colo fix it. The important thing is that if your hair is damaged your you must help him to recover, fortunately there are many solutions that are pretty easy to. -You should have in mind that your hair is very vulnerable when wet. They should not brushing, combing or pull it when you got it wet, not even with a towel. What you should do is untangle gently with a wide comb or fingers and cepillatelo very slowly and try not to pull much and inteta not use dryers with very high temperatures. -If your hair is not dry, there is no need to put conditioner on the roots, using it only at the tips. If your hair is greasy, I recommend that you not use Conditioner every day. -I advise you to use various types of shampoo, this what you should have done more or less once a month, and used a purifying shampoo which can eliminate toxins and waste from your hair, shampoo change constantly will help balance the effects of the products.

If you have dandruff using one or two twice a week a product to fix this problem. When using a product to your hair, make sure you very well that the product has vitamin B5 (panthenol), and cares much for your hair from the Sun, pollution, moisture, and radical changes in climate. This way I really like your hair you thing appreciated, notice that is more beautiful and more brilliant. If you have damaged hair need carry out everything that I told you, if not, are you waiting for to care for your hair?. Original author and source of the article.

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