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The purpose of the "Alliance Logistics" is to find the best solutions to client problems posed by the organization and implementation of transportation. If necessary, our experts take over care of the delivery, such as meeting, post, upload, shipping and unloading of cargo. We will arrange shipment of merchandise of any volume, size and denomination, including large, heavy, difficult and dangerous goods. By contacting us you will receive a structured trucking, without any inconsistencies or complications. With an efficient structure, extensive partner network and professional staff we can offer our clients a comprehensive approach in carrying out logistical tasks of any complexity. Our company provides an individual approach to each client, providing international transport of goods in the most efficient and cost-effective options.

We will deliver your cargo to its destination exactly as planned! Delivery of goods to Russia from China, Japan and other countries in Southeast Asia, and countries Europe takes up to 65% of our traffic. The second major service company is receiving, safekeeping, handling and freight forwarding in Omsk. OUR STRATEGY – QUALITY! – The company "Alliance Logistics" annually insures its responsibility to customers and partners – We are working with VAT – Having our own fleet, including machinery – Our clients include large international companies and federal, which are our services in freight forwarding, handling and shipment of goods in retail and service networks, as well as express delivery of mail and cargo. The company makes every effort to ensure that our cooperation mutually beneficial. We appreciate each and every customer, and would be happy to see you among our regular customers! We are not trying to make one or two profitable deal for us, not taking into account the interests of our partners. The company "Alliance Logistics "today handles and gently delivers motor oil and consignees technical fluids, decoration materials, household appliances, various goods online stores, equipment and communication and lots of other goods.

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