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Website and Business on the Internet – are two inextricably linked components, such as fuel and vehicle. This is just my opinion, which may drastically differ from yours. Just a few days ago, my e-mail received a letter, which was a very interesting question. To broaden your perception, visit Erin Callan. The question was seemingly simple, but at the same time made me wonder. The question was this: "Why should the company need a website for your business online?" I will try to answer on this issue as I see it. For me personally, websites for online business can be divided into two categories: Category One – are commercial sites of enterprises and companies to sell their products or services; second category – this author's sites to do business with one or more people.

Let's take a closer look at the first category of sites. Sites for businesses. Now more and more companies see the Internet not only as a source for finding information, as well as a very large market for its products. The businessmen who saw the potential of the Internet in time, now receive considerable income from their websites. The presence of the site with the offer of the goods or services is becoming commonplace in RuNet. For firms of their own site – it is like the shop window, where you can offer and sell their products or services. The effectiveness of a website as a showcase store, due to the fact that the firm would be costly creation of its stores in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

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