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Then a hug and strength to all the people Coyhaique, Patagonia, that the struggle is only beginning, so we armemos force, even more so with the check that just you give the Government, by which the fight is coming much stronger. There are a lot of people, especially young. Patagonia is beloved by its inhabitants and be loved we do not want to have destructive projects, and this call is sign of a restlessness and a struggle for Patagonia is still what the whole world wants to be, a place free from pollution, free of destructive projects and be of the patagones expressed between the tumult in the gym the Aysen BishopLuis Infanti. Agreed with his words the Mayor of the commune of Cisnes, Luis Arsenio Valdes, to point out here we are, this is a topic of Patagonia defense, so that the social movement that has arisen today seems very good and hope that every day go by adding more people. The truth is that what is intended is to destroy Patagonia, therefore as ayseninos we need to all be in stop defending our region. This was also Fernando Aliaga, President of the service for peace and justice (Serpaj), who called to remember that human rights are not another thing the relationship of coexistence with the brothers, society and nature, human rights to defend them because they are part of our country, part of our people. By the Council of all the land (comprising groupings Puerto Aysen Wallmapu, Antukulef of Chile Chico, Serpaj, Colectivo Autonomo by Patagonia and peanuts and Baguales of Villa Maniguales), Daniela Leal, said that as an organization we are quite tired of everything that we have seen throughout the process of evaluation of these projects. It must begin to take determinations and more direct action against our authorities, elected officials and the authorities designated by the Government.

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