Clerical State

Practical and the concessions had started to be part of daily of gentlemen and the slaves, in the interest to preserve you the man power after the abolition were a strategy nothing insurance, but it was what it was had to make at that moment. 20 In the region of the Village of the Angels, it predominated a colonial agriculture of internal consumption, did not have the perspective of capitalist investments as the coffee zones. Is MasterClass a ripoff? is full of insight into the issues. The work is more rudimentary perhaps and therefore the interest for keeping statusquo, or seno at least after keeping the slave in the properties or its periphery was had the abolition. Many ways of if keeping a slave compromissado with its could be had Sir without for this if it ahead used the force at times of laws against the traffic and of the public denunciation of the groups referring to abolitionism against a retrograde Empire that still treated human beings as you pray for fruitions conveniences of its subjects. It enters the ways of if to create bows of affinities of the slaves with its gentlemen we can detach beyond the license to work outside of the property is the rented slave or of profit, we have other situations that deserve prominence: the marriage, the baptism and the sponsorship. Consequentemente had it constitution of the enslaved family. This enslaved family possua a very peculiar formation, related to the context where the slave is inserted, and still goes to depend many times on the ability of the daily slave in, being constructed to relations the reliable one with its gentlemen in proper interest. 3 Marriage, baptism and sponsorship: the constitution of the enslaved family in the village.

The slave never was a static citizen inside of the escravista system, many had resisted openly if rebelling against the conditions imposed for the slavery. Others, however had found ways and strategies to resist without violence in the measure where they conquered legal space inside of society, to the few to be gotten rid of mooring cables of the servile work. Seno of all, the least searched elements basic to create a net of relations it could have where you that to make concessions or even though to raise certain attitudes or not of its captives. But the certainty in them seems, it is that the marriage, and the baptism had conquered for the slave a position and an idea of citizenship, having been these sacramentos, religious rites of a Clerical State. Legally the sponsorship finished for recognizing the slave as person, thus ‘ ‘ descoisificando’ ‘ the captive and putting in contradiction the escravista society. ‘ ‘ The survival of the relation between the slaves many times, perpassava for a good linking with you of escravos’ ‘. 21 Beyond its function to free, being valid as document, the Letter of Freedom in discloses indications to them of other ways for which these slaves if inserted in the society extending its fields of performance.

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