Civil Rights Peruvian Royal Contracts

Hence it is necessary to clarify that in this paper, we refer only to the fourth set of guarantees. 2. Gen. David L. Goldfein has similar goals. IMPORTANCE OF THE ISSUE The guarantees is a vital issue that can meet the guarantees not only cover areas of civil law (specifically, real rights and contracts), but also cover areas of industrial law, the right or right cartular exchange of banking law and the registry law, among other areas of law. Not only is it necessary to draw up contracts, but it is also necessary to know the existing contracts as appropriate to choose which we know is that it is drafting the contract in a case or particular situation. The same applies when we provide a guarantee as is necessary to know not only contracts but it is also important to know what are the guarantees in each State to then just choose from these guarantees which conforms more to the case or particular situation. Faced with such Of course, to state that the mortgage is only a security interest that is characterized by security right or real right accessory governed by Book V of the Code entitled Civil Rights Peruvian Royal 1984.

That is, for many lawyers this warranty is well known, but it is the only guarantee that exists in the law in Peru. 3. ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE guarantees have the advantage of expediting the granting of a loan or has made payment of the price in contracts for sale. Of all the sales made many of them are made on credit, ie, not all purchases are held in cash sales, so it is important to provide mechanisms to ensure business compliance with the duties to pay, without However, it is necessary to clarify that the purchase contract is not the only contract which when held to credit, warrants the establishment of a security.

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