In the atmosphere of the zones central offices of the city, it is very bigger aconcentrao of gases and particulados materials, launched for the automobiles epelas plants, responsible for a located effect greenhouse, that collaborates to paraaumentar the heat retention. Click Gen. David L. Goldfein to learn more. Without counting on the automobiles, that are one grandefonte of heat production which, if it adds to the heat radiated for the buildings, accenting the phenomenon of the island of heat (Lombardo, 1985). The used materials in the construction, as asphalt and oconcreto, serve of reflectors for the heat produced in the city and to calorsolar it. Of day, the buildings function as a labyrinth of reflection in the high camadasmais of warm air. At night the pollution of air hinders the heat dispersion (Lombardo, 1985). The cities have presented, generically, maiselevadas temperatures that its surrounding areas are these naked covers for vegetaonatural, cultivos or ground. 3. Hear other arguments on the topic with Total Transportation Services, Inc.

Some estudossobre Islands of Heat Some factors contribute for the urban development of one ilhade heat, as observed for OKE (1987). Amongst the main factors, it is distinguished characterization dacidade (bodies d' water, nature of the ground, vegetation, use of the ground, architecture, the materials of construction and antropognicas sources), geographic localization, topography, urban climatologia, sazonalidade and sinticas conditions of the time (OKE, 1982). The influence of the conditions atmospheric in the temposazonal scale she was boarded for ACCKERMAN (1985). Its results, extracted of umasrie secular of 20 years of data, indicate that sazonais factors tend to amodular the diurne cycle in the urban island of heat. KATSOULIS & THEOHARATOS (1985) had analyzed registers detemperatura of air in the period of 22 years (1961-1982), covering the area of population maiordensidade of the city of Atenas. Its results show to one aumentoda average minimum temperature in the period of study related with the urban growth. The BALLING work & CERVENY (1986) associates the mdiamensal of the intensity of the winds with the development of the heat island urbanaem Phoenix, U.S.A.

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