Chinese Democracy

However, most experts are convinced that such a scenario is possible only if the U.S. will make concessions to the international community seriously and will address domestic problems. According to Wang Qunbin, who has experience with these questions. Chinese Democracy, We heard about the well- imminent “Sinification” world order, the economic miracle and fabulous currency reserves. No one denies that China has learned to your advantage to play by Western rules, making and grew into a world power. However, as the crisis deepens, all clearly visible a scenario that could seriously undermine China’s ambitions. Equally impressive economic rise threatens to turn into an equally spectacular fall. A reason for this – a terrible imbalance in the economy. The country produces about 12% of global gdp, is suffering from surplus production.

China’s domestic market is too weak to absorb this flow of goods, and reduction export markets and, above all, the U.S. threatens to literally paralyze the entire Chinese economy. Devaluation of the dollar also scares Beijing, became the happy owner of U.S. Treasury bonds in an amount more than 550 billion dollars. Among other things, China’s growing social instability. Chinese miracle has largely been possible due to poor living conditions of millions of ordinary citizens. The country is rapidly widening social stratification that could eventually undermine internal stability. Do not forget that the country is in close proximity to the hotbeds of Islamic radicalism.

This threat is amplified by the fact that China itself is a region traditionally applying for Independence (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Tibet). It is hardly possible to unequivocally state that a country with a worsening internal problems could easily intercept world domination. The global economic crisis has clearly highlighted the weaknesses of industrialized countries. Also evident was the fact that for all the world powers path to leadership is through a solution serious internal problems. Leadership ambitions today is shared by many: the eu and Russia, and China. But the leadership – is not only a privilege but a burden. The burden of solving global problems: pollution of the environment, reduce security, international terrorism. Will there be enough in today’s contenders resources and political will to manage the era of turbulence?

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