Chilean Government

It was necessary to purge the land of all that human fungal: lost race of whose contagion must be rid. In a well-known paragraph in his complete works it says about Argentines are a harmful mixture of breeds incapable and unsuitable for civilization. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Schiff. In el Progreso on November 28 of 1842 says I contributed with my writings advising with tenacity to the Chilean Government to take that step. Magellan belongs to Chile and perhaps all over the Patagonia. Not think, after my demonstrations, how dare the Government of Buenos Aires to sustain or even increase their rights. Or shade, or pretext of dispute remains.

In el Progreso on January 11, 1843 says not sound more the name of the Argentines in the Chilean press; that those who in the name of that lost nationality had already raised the voice kept a respectful silence; who come to that because of lightness or other grounds had provoked them; and ask them amicably a corner in the domestic household, which hereinafter will be, not guests, but permanent members. Now, there is no more patriotic than Chile; for Chile should we live only and in this new condition, should drown all the old national conditions. Melt US interests and ideas with national enterprises, participate in their affections, their customs and their tastes. Make us worthy to be admitted among the individuals of the Great Chilean family and conquer the nationality by the morality of our customs, our hard work and our services to the cause of freedom and of the civilization that in Chile as in any other American section has friends and supporters. In letter sent to Domingo Oro, on June 17, 1857 says was such terror that we planted in all those people the opposition some bands of armed soldiers roamed the streets of the city night stabbing and chasing the mazorqueros 29 won unopposed refers to the elections of 29 March 1857 – gauchos who were reluctant to vote for the candidates of the Government were imprisonedplaced in the stocks, sent the army so that they could serve in the border with Indians and many of them lost the ranch, their scarce goods and women.

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