Of the talkative one I have learned to be silent; the intolerant, to be indulgent, and the malevolent to treat others with kindness. And by curious as it may seem, I don’t feel any gratitude towards these teachers.Khalil Gibran to all Nicaraguans who are away from their homeland, is very difficult to ignore the celebration in honor to Inmaculada Concepcion, specifically, what is known as la Purisima. Many have enjoyed it with that enthusiasm, joy that she generates, they will have shared moments of happiness with your parents, friends, even with strangers. Party, will never forget and which has been a great tradition among the Nicaraguan, no matter of the city that are. Thousands are of Nicaraguans who have migrated to different countries, but especially to the United States, looking for best perpepctivas of overcoming, a quality of life that guarantees economic stability, security, for their family members and they will never forget this holiday. They will present this special day that as he says traditionally, this celebration focuses on the family. In previous years the families who had sufficient means offered gifts to oras families who invited to celebrate la Purisima. Many times the neighbors competed to see who could make the most luxurious and best celebration. Sometimes, the most humble families, invest much money, more than which could theoretically, to make la Purisima. The truth, that December, represents not only to Nicaraguans celebrating the traditional Christmas, but at the beginning of the month, specifically 8 is celebrated a religious holiday of great tradition that has been preserved for years, as the more rooted and overwhelming expression of popular religious faith in the country, where all the Nicaraguan enjoy it and do honor to the cry that is heard in all the House, as it is who causes so much joy? Responds to what the conception of Mary! For those who have lived it and still enjoy it can not be isolated from the representing this very special celebration where all participate with enthusiasm, faith, chants to Inmaculada Concepcion.

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