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And here there are many proposals for construction of car-washes. Of all the material I liked the autonomous car wash that does not require connection to water, sanitation, heating and electricity. Something is not real? No, the group companies "Aquarius" is a self-cleaning, which is installed on any smooth surface, in any place and ready to work almost immediately after it installed by crane. It turns everything into one, without permission, rapids all possible instances. Construction of car-washing with zero cost 3400000 Rubles for 2 cars, not counting all the equipment, which will acquire, but this stand-alone sink and all equipment on the 3 car costs the same. That's the math: time, money, nerves and go on our market is good value for money in their own business – a teller of "Aquarius." Now the company has a lot of missions to Vladivostok. Moreover, go to their website, where detailed instructions for operation of such a car wash, specifications, and a mini business plan.

What is the manufacturer so take care of his customer, he would provide no only such mobility, ready-made solution, but also make a business plan to get a loan for the purchase of cleaning, and for the preliminary, prudent calculation. We only talk to those who have already bought and provides services such washing. The third idea also applies to our favorite horse – spare parts delivery! Who ran the repair of their car knows that the parts in one place, repair the other. A lot of time is spent, for large cities such as Moscow! And via the Internet shop selling spare parts? Here we have to think, and investments will be divided into several stages: 1-a good site, 2-car delivery, and 3-suppliers, and operational information from them. Very good the idea of family business. Any idea can be turned into a family business. Costs less, and while there is a formation of all households are for the benefit of themselves away. And while staff costs are minimal, then it is possible and beautiful employer to be.

And that we have now welcomed and even small businesses everywhere in our way and loans and advertising, and everything's great, if not on paper, posters and advertising! And if you look also at the home of the Friars Minor, which to work and not take a trip, what to do? This is where you can think about what services to provide the pet owner and to whom to entrust such a treasure – there's your business. And, you can: window cleaning, domestic staff agency, and how much you want to accompany today. A small share. A friend of mine was looking for a woman to accompany her son to school and back (she had it visually handicapped), what do you think, has found? – No! Grandmother, who in effect wrung such prices, and this despite the fact that it is necessary to come take the child away from home, sit with him on a bus to bring to school, and then 6 hours to do the same in reverse to the house. Prices announced hoo! And well, if you build such a the juice, grandmothers, and to organize a small agency in support of children from educational and sports organizations. There are many ideas, but the choice is yours.

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