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Because if requested by the insured person, he can also set with the insurance, in which frame his funeral will take place once. We cooperate with the German funeral care”, explained Cabrera. The policyholder may conclude a care package with the bereavement care of Monuta. The German funeral care then cares in the case to the Organization of the funeral, according to the wishes of the insured person. We collect these previously by means of a questionnaire, the Scenarium.

There the insured by type of burial about music can set everything up to the display of grief. The survivors have to worry then about nothing.” With the implementation of the German funeral care commissioned a selected funeral services in the vicinity of the insured. The highlight: The performance package includes a 20-year price guarantee on services provided by the funeral home itself. Price increases of the loading er services of of instead of over the next 20 years so don’t need to be interested in the policyholder”, says Cabrera. The service of bereavement interest but not only begins with the death of the insured person.

Already during his lifetime, he can benefit insured by various advisory services. Our customers getting a free telephone legal advice to health care proxy, care procedures, advance, private contract law, private – insurance contract law as well as family and ERB right under German law”says Cabrera. The telephone consultation is carried out by a lawyer approved in Germany, around the clock.” How it works a funeral a funeral works in principle like a small life insurance policy. The insurance sum is however earmarked to cover funeral costs, which is why the tax paid. For example, calculated for their own funeral costs in the amount of 7,500 euros, a 40-year old woman she can Complete funeral with appropriate insurance.

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