Bronirvanie Headlight Film

Nowadays, if we look at new cars, we note that the body of the headlamp is made of plastic. Previously used glass and it was not so vulnerable to external environmental influences. But plastic is a very sensitive to abrasion. Sand, dust, dirt, pebbles, rushing towards the car at speeds exceeding sometimes 300 kilometers per hour doing their job-plastic time mutneen, bandwidth lights down, shine lights not so bright. Output in such a situation one – or completely change the lamp, or use such a service as polished optics. Polishing of optics – is not the budget option.

Judge smami – price per detail starts from $ 1000. This means that if the spotlight would have to dismantle for polishing, then the price could rise to 2000 -2500 rubles, therefore, polishing of optics will cost you five thousand, maybe more. Also – you will spend on this afternoon, if not daily, and a new lamp is not called, though light, it will be good. But there are excellent yield, which will save you time and money – Book optics film. Book optics film – a novelty on the automotive market. Only recently has the appearance of such materials that can pass properly light, perfect to keep on building and flying plastic to reflect stones and sand. Price to Book of Optics is small, so in Yekaterinburg, it ranges from 200 to 400 rubles per item. Company ABA-Ural, for example, generally offers booking optics free of charge, provided that you pay what Ljubo other services. Any other service can be – polished optics, pasting the car body a special protective film, hauling leather seats, glass tinting machine, airbrush on the car body film, chip tuning, neon interior lighting, repairs Glass, Laminated pvc bumpers or even what is another essential.

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