Breaking All Records

The young Berlin Start-Up that brings the traditional event brochure on the mobile phone, made a brilliant start in the new year. Berlin, February 28, 2012. Hours scrolling through the list of exhibitors, anger about short-term changes in the framework programme, run on the event grounds barely a visitors of big events these problems does not know. This is the solution in the mobile age, or rather in the hand: the mobile event guide app, which brings all information about the event in the always most recent form on the mobile phone. This has now identified a variety of event organisers and therefore the mobile event guide app installed to use. So 2012 numerous events with the mobile event guide have already taken place in the first few weeks of the year: campus for finance, the high-tech of Grunderfonds Partnering Conference, the annual meeting of the society for thrombosis and hemostasis research, the HIV Symposium, German Cancer Congress and the annual Congress of the German society for pneumology. The young Berlin Start-Up, which develops the mobile event guide app, so shiny started through the year 2012. The customers of mobile event guide, highly professional event organizers, know what really counts at the event and making it for all involved to succeed.

In the Centre stands the interaction between organisers, exhibitors, speakers and attendees. The app by mobile event guide offers completely new possibilities in this area: organizers and exhibitors can send their messages for example directly to the interested participants and the latter can make optimal visiting event and therefore the contact with the other parties with the app. The previous number of only satisfied clients is to assume that the mobile event guide in the further course of the year 2012 will break all order records. The mobile event guide GmbH was founded in 2010 by Felix Swoboda, Marc Schuba and Nick Thomas in Berlin about mobile event guide. The innovative company develops and markets mobile Software for visitors to conferences, exhibitions, events and festivals.

Print products for events are replaced by an application for mobile devices, the mobile event guide. Credit: American Writer-2011. The focus is the simplification of the trade fair visit through the summary of all information in a mobile application; It helps to save paper and printing costs and to preserve the environment. Organisers, exhibitors and visitors/participants benefit from the innovative app: with the mobile event guide visitors / attendees will receive all important information for your pocket. The participant receives continuous updates, an overview of all lectures, exhibitors and their products via push notifications, mobile can be accessed on current event plans, and can be integrated locally based location and floor plan easily. Notification of all participants in real-time, interactivity, clarity and the ability to show advertising this is the additional added value, the mobile event guide the exhibitors offers. Organizer in turn can use the app as innovative”position, significant printing costs and generate an additional source of income with the sale of the app. The mobile event guide can be used currently on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android, BlackBerry and mobile site and is therefore available on all smartphones and Tablet PCs.

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