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Brand book – a very important tool for brand identity and is the top of the corporate identity. Brand – it is a clear system of identifying your product or your company. An attention to detail. Why is a brand book and what it differs from the complex corporate identity? Corporate Identity – a collection of elements, the number of these elements can differ dramatically – from four or five in the development of 'small package' corporate identity up to a hundred in the development of more fully the complex. But it's still just a collection of more or less complete.

Brand book – a visual code of corporate standards and rules, instruction on the practical use of corporate identity in the everyday the company. What you can do and what not, what combinations, such as fonts or colors are acceptable in certain situations. Should look like, and impose a proprietary printing products and various promotional materials, what specific items and how to be used in the design of offices, promotional materials, exhibition stands … all of these questions to find answers can only be educated in a brand-beech and nowhere else. Thus, instruction set of standards and regulations – is the essence of brand-book. Where and when to use? First of all, when a company expands – as on the various activities, as well as geographically. Many divisions or branches produced 'in the light of' a variety of information, structured in the form of printed and promotional products.

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