Brand In Search Of The Emotional Field Marketing

Mark, in search of the emotional Marketing emotional Field. The brand, especially, is an emotional territory. Indeed, the brand works well. Or connects with people or not. People reach a relationship with mark or is lost its essence. Marks more than bring forward, above all, must be proposed, occur, offered, dispense to be chosen from the contact. The brand is a proposal, a universe of sensations, an intimate feeling. The brand is an option.

The brand has become in preferred. And, without a doubt, the preference always starts become pleasant, positive, direct, personal relationship. The people, the audience objective, the public that depends on the existence of the mark must choose to be branded. One minute. An instant. A few hours. People should choose the brand because it is them attractive, cheerful, fun, close, friendly, warm. The rules have changed.

To be elected should be attractive. Brand based its uniqueness from the excitement. It is essential to begin to develop strategies from alternate angles. Untreated build messages. There are no which focus on the words. No structuring communication from the corner of the product. We must develop sensational strategies. From the sensations. From the five senses. From the emotional. The paths are different. The same objective. It tries to be the chosen ones. The mark cannot go behind your audience. The audience should choose the brand. The key is in the feelings, although some still to endeavor to put ahead the impact and coverage. Good creativity from an excellent strategy: get excited from the mark with the invaluable support of a vision that involves people. Because now people are converted in the middle. They are the fundamental means to propagate the positive feeling of the brand. They are the speaker of the brand message. They are the opportunity rather than the end. They are the future of the brand. Emotional. The brand, in search of the emotional. We must rethink the tactics of meeting with consumers. We must spend some time to return to the essence. You must configure the communication marca-audiencia, audiencia-marca from another angle. It must be receptive to rethink the actions of the brand. Especially since true persuasion without emotional persons consent has not been reached. Thus, any brand should possess an emotional eigenvalue. Because in this way, what is important, is not establish who is the customer, the key is to thrill us with the customer. Marks talk with people when they leave their meeting. Open spaces, everyday, common and known. The brand has to go out and see how they perceive it. If the mark is not visible, does not hear, not touched, you don’t smell, no taste do not exist. A brand exists only when it is present. It communicates through the senses.

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