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From A like superstition to Z like time, the practical guide to everyday Russian. Why are restaurants in Russian cities so little deserves full, although the population? What technical sophistication required for Russian opener? What shoes are suitable for the Russian winter? Why is it important in Russia to have no holes in the socks? How do the Russians with money? Why does the work collective rank so high? On this and much more, this lexically designed leaders by the Russian culture, trying to give answers. In addition, the book in the appendix offers notes on a plethora of secondary literature and movies. “” After the latest individual travel – guide Russia differently”, now a leader who does not believe that there would be anything in Russia what something like a culture shock” could trigger, but there are some what in each country (except in their own home country) differently “is. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dan Miller on most websites. A book for business, travel, study and simply interested in Russia. The author Sandra “” “Author of the individual tourist guides is already ravioli” Russia different “, the practical Council’s corporate practice in Russia” and co author of the travel guide to Russia their own “with Russian culture” the NachRusslandReihe continues their series of books for people interested in Eastern Europe. Russian culture from A like superstition to Z time (ISBN 978-3837046786) more in our press release below ra/ra presse.doc a review copy you get directly from our Publisher under index.php? id = 272 or simply return email me at. Silvia Ruth NachRusslandReihe.

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