Blackening Silver

The ancient art of blackening of silver has no analogues in the world, and the first mention of masters of this case relate to the xvii century. Modern earrings, brooches, pendants, rings and bracelets are made using ancient, proven technologies for centuries at the highest artistic level – is not dream women of any age and status? Buy gifts for men go to the Belozersk. The most ancient Slavic settlement in the Vologda region, it is mentioned more in the Tale of Bygone Years "and is one of the seven ancient cities of Russia. Here, if you find yourself in an environment epic Russia, visiting the amazing museum of everyday life Rusich and Vikings, from which it is impossible to leave without a purely masculine gifts. Souvenir copy of the military Varangian ax, shield or sword will rightful place on the wall or cabinet head will be a wonderful gift for the anniversary of a friend or relative. And for diehard pacifists is quite possible to buy traditional Scandinavian metal zipper brooch or belt buckles Russian Chain weaving. Singer Vologda land is considered to be the poet Nikolai Rubtsov. Do not forget to buy their excellent album or a calendar with views of the beauties and wonders of this northern land, where Each is equipped with a signed photo of his poems – you will thank all the people you bestow these beautiful prints. The list of what nice craftsmen Vologda land will not be complete if not name products linen and bark.

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