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Today's big business often relies on the assistance of heavy machinery. Any more or less solid company engaged in the sale of goods marker, contains its own fleet of trucks. Strong and dependable trucks used for Russian roads, designed for a considerable period of service and used in various branches of agriculture, construction sector, transportation, etc. You can download a lot of powerful body dump truck Dump trucks are a variant of the truck with folding of the working platform that can topple back in different directions or both sideways and backwards. Tipper body leans mechanically, because of what happens unloading. Dump trucks are used for transportation (usually in urban areas), bulk cargo, bulk cargo mainly of industrial and construction purposes, but despite this, suitable for all cargo discharged by tilting. Depending on the size and characteristics of the axle loads are several types of trucks: 1. Building.

2. Agricultural. 3. Universal. 4. Career or off-road.

Haulers smoothly, easily and safely razgruzhaemy enjoyed constant popularity during the construction and various types of cargo delivery. Truck on Russian roads wide range of trucks the market provides the opportunity to choose exactly the kind of technology that best meets the needs. Vans for various applications (for manufactured goods, bread, all-metal, refrigerators, etc.) roofed, side cars, and many others are used in many business sectors. Transport companies, depending on the size of their work include the garage or on the road from a few pieces to several hundred different trucks. The model number of this type technology is huge: from light-duty vans to haul tractors. Increasingly popular medium-duty vehicles. A great variety of trucks from well-known manufacturers, such as Russian or produced in the CIS URAL, KAMAZ, KRAZ, MAZ, BelAZ, and the more expensive imported MAN, MERCEDES, VOLVO, RENAULT, IVECO, FOTON, etc. carrying cargo on Russian roads. It is not always economically feasible purchase of major equipment, often comes to the rescue leasing (lease for a long time) trucks, in addition, you can avail a loan and buy a truck without compromising the budget. Truck repair Car Repair trucks – it is very necessary and useful. Produced "the conscience" trucks do not need frequent repairs, usually more reliable (but expensive) cars are made overseas. In If necessary repair works are many companies that provide services from simple repairs to major. Usually, the car repaired given lengthy warranty, repairs are in industrial environment that promotes full restoration of the truck. Professionally refurbished cars worth far less, but its characteristics are usually not at all inferior to the newly acquired truck.

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