Need our growth, in addition, they will assure you it is as more satisfaction, and will see more clearly the way to find the Passion in what they do, which as you know, is the ingredients of success, which in turn gives us happiness. Repeat: Passion is the ingredient of success that gives us both happy! THE BEST ATTITUDE AND STRATEGY OF AN EMPLOYER TO GROW: I’ll say it very simply with an example, but believe me that this example contains a great lesson to become GREAT BUSINESS WITH A GUARANTEED CAPACITY GROWTH. (Source: Peter Schneider Primerica). The owner of a company I worked for, whose business was extraordinary and sustained growth, so that was opening between one and three branches every month, a Steering Committee once told us: “I do not understand how many employers are so hard to grow, … is very easy for me, I learned that: IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY IN SOMETHING …

SHARE THE PROFITS “And he explained:” For example, if I want to reach a level of sales in this or that branch, I analyzed as if I’m going to win that goal, that amount sharing a party with people who will help me achieve this, call the Head of the branch and say: If you arrive at this goal I’ll give you both and your team I will give this supplement to what they are earning, but I want this goal! “. Then, if I’m having too losses in another branch, … Connect with other leaders such as Euro Pacific Precious Metals here. called the chief of the branch and say: “These are your numbers this month … if you reduce the decrease of this amount to this one, I’ll give you so much, ADDITIONAL TO WHAT YOU ARE WINNING !, and this amount to your team … (so that people in this company earned his salary earned if they achieved their sales goals, and won if they achieved their goals of reducing wastage, and I do not know what else … ) … The manager told us we stare and says, “NO FAULT! “.

With all these thoughts my friends one day I came to this conclusion, and it is you who can tell me if I’m wrong, analicenlo: Currently, a worker in a company, independent professional or the owner of a small business or large enterprise do not understand, that between More help win others over going to win it, you simply can not achieve their maximum earning potential.

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