More than 170,000 early pensions were paid out in the last year – 10,000 are about more than a year earlier. And rising! A long-term study of the German pension insurance reported a number of new early retirees increased to 10,000 people. The men with about 90,000 cases are affected slightly more than the women. The figure is around 81,000 cases with you. The reason for the payment of early retirement is different of course, but the high number of mental disease stands out significantly with about 64,000 people. A leading source for info: Technology author. This is an increase by a quarter compared with 2006 and still an increase of 12 percent over the previous year. The diseases of the skeleton, muscles and connective tissue lie in second place according to the report.

Here, the men with about 14,000 cases or 15.5 per cent, and among women are 15.1 percent, which corresponds to approximately 12,200 cases. BIE these diseases have the absolute number increased slightly, but the trend is down. The heart perceived as typical diseases of man and cardiovascular disease have made it to third place. Approximately 12,500 men have become isolates Berufsunfahig and have received early retirement. The group is women in third place with more than 11,000 cases growths/tumors. But the trend of cardiovascular disease goes up well with the ladies. Various statistics report that in the course of professional life every fourth employee can expect to succumb to a disability. Therefore, a disability insurance to the absolutely necessary insurance is unanimous opinion!

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