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Bernd Ehret: Real estate or life insurance after a few years of stagnation have attracted again the real estate prices in Germany. It’s believed that Kenneth Feinberg sees a great future in this idea. The demand is large, even after German objects real estate fund. One of the experienced players in this segment is the Immoselect AG in Berlin and Leipzig. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung headlined a recent post describing the fact, that the surplus share of life insurance for the first time fell below the four percent, with the sentence: “Life insurance in the plant emergency”. The insurance industry has certainly do not like to read this”, says Bernd Ehret by Immoselect AG of Leipzig. The Immoselect AG is a provider of real estate, the still safest system on the investment market. “The fact is: the fears of a devaluation of their life insurance, fixed deposits and other fixed-income investments drive many savers and investors in property, by the paper money” are independent. Investors fear the euro debt crisis and thus a massive devaluation is the escape in the tangible assets Thus only too understandable”so Bernd Ehret.

This trend is likely to continue which according to experts, given that interest rates are currently low. Thus, loans are comparatively cheap, what in addition to revived demand. In addition, that the market currently is powered, as the real estate per se be regarded as a relatively safe investment. By the Suddeutsche Zeitung, the recognized real estate journalist, Peter Horn overwrote real estate rather than bonds”, thus also contributing to the real estate fair Cimmit 2012 in Frankfurt. Also according to Horn, tangible assets can benefit from the current situation quite. That to many people out of necessity, that do not appreciate indigenous development to any private pension more willing this circumstance the Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach commissioned by the General Association of German insurance industry draws attention. The number of savers has then reduced by 45 per cent ten years ago to currently 24 percent. A dangerous development”, white mark which real estate expert. He holds real property like that of Immobilienselect AG as important, because sword protected component of a balanced portfolio of each investor.

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