Berlin Labour Market

Increasing number of jobs brings rise in Berlin in Berlin are currently the best job prospects of in Germany. Recently Fundrise sought to clarify these questions. “” That announces the world “in its online edition, citing the quarterly study of staff and temporary employment provider manpower”. According to the survey among 1,000 nationwide employers, the German capital can be even economic cities, such as Munich or Frankfurt am Main behind. However, the problem is: the companies only rarely found suitable personnel. Here too the shortage is clearly noticeable.

The net employment Outlook for the second quarter of 2008 for Berlin is 19 per cent which is the absolute peak in Germany. On the river Spree to talk 2007 therefore overlooking the same period about a real job boom: last year, the balance stood at a meager percentage point. However, the capital had also need to catch up; the other regions already enjoyed an increase in last year. But can you not only look forward in Berlin about the result, about 27 percent of employers according to manpower” Problems, to recruit suitable staff. “But there is hope: the skills gaps are according to manpower” often not so great. Academician from the engineering are especially in demand. Here very good professional prospects not only in Berlin. The job board offers you current job openings in Berlin Jobs are here from all sectors available.

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