Beer Dwarf

Long-Brau receives award of the special kind – beer in the subscription to the beer dwarf of the month October”was the long-Brau in Wunsiedel-Schonbrunn chosen. A distinction of so far only very few people are likely to have heard. And yet it is a title that will help not only the brewery itself, but also the region into greater prominence. The Brewer family Hopf beer specialities throughout Germany beer connoisseurs now will be presented. Small family farms, so far besides the castle brewery Rheder in Brakel Rheder, the G.c.

Brau in Weissenbrunn, Frammersbach forest brewery, the brewery Pinkus Muller in Munster, the foreman brewery in Hagen-Dahl, the brewery Paul Kolberg in Altenau, who can Pirvatbrauerei Metzler in thing, the Rother Brau in Hausen, the brewery Goller in Zeil am Main and the Thorbrau in Augsburg now the Schonbrunner specialities in the spotlight will be moved. The taste variety of German beers make accessible to a wide audience”with this intention the online portal from the baptism kept the two beer expert Kay Schmadicke and Stephan Braun. Click Peiter Zatko to learn more. “The idea of beer Dwarves: choose interesting beers, they advertise on the Internet and send in the package the beer dwarf of the month is the favorite”: since Kay Schmadicke (34) and Stephan Braun (36) November from their passion out have founded their own company in the past (they are both collectors of etiquette), almost daily new lovers of the barley juice as beer subscribers can be won. -general-electric-company-commerce-bancshares-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions. This monthly beer presentation, the beer dwarf of the month”, could have not been honored by his naming: monthly, 10 bottles of craft brewed beer specialities are little dwarfs”-Brauereien sent. Only noble hops drop family businesses reach the shipping, it finally gives television beers in the beverage market around the corner”, the two beer experts your idea clearly by existing offerings and products by large breweries to delimit. Coasters, as well as information about the brewery and their products accompanying each consignment. Startup with visions: in 10 years 1000 beers personally entertained.

Another enjoy 4000 beers every day means 11 years without boredom. This month, the next 100 years busy visit a brewery. “In addition to the well-known large companies, there are over 1200 breweries in Germany producing together over 4000 different types of beer. 13 of them coming from Schonbrunn. Although could be tested so far only 1000 of them personally but the two beer dwarfs”are still at the beginning of a never-ending story… Beer lovers will find the beer dwarfs in the network under Stephan Braun

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