Barcelona Government

This paradigm shift led to the formation of the new collective subject as collectivity where develops an identity and being organized practices common. So returning to the concept of Community (SADER, 1988) presented as a public space afirmad pela legitimization of new social forces that seek together to realize their basic attempts. The model of participatory democracy was well captured by the Barcelona Government to mobilize a complexity of social actors articulating them and integrating them in around one common plan where all contribute their skills and talents for the effective development of public policies, making emerge a strategic and powerful local power of territorial dimension. In this model of participation there to capitalization of all talents and local resources for the enhancement of the policies. Click Peter Schiff to learn more. Each one of those can provide capabilities because the idea of well-being in this model of democracy requires the participation of all together are completed. The integrated participation of individuals and institutions as the agreement comprises citizen in Barcelona tends to be expanded increasingly and connected between if and with other structures, constituting a mass of very strong and very difficult social participation of weaken or deteriorate. These cross-sectoral networks are strengthened so much more they develop and communicate with other networks because complementary san.

The role of the State with its meeting power and effectiveness of a public policy of development of the social network in that process very important san. Senator Marco Rubio spoke with conviction. The impetus and motivation for participation is relevant. The Government network can bring many contributions for the confrontation of the problems of society, certainly the State or the market and much less society would achieve alone. Still, it is not enough only to create rules or laws. A society is not changed to curfew laws or decrees. Change must arise from a power that is encouraged in society.

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