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Our recommendation is to evaluate how your organization is located in relation to this mix of channels and how customers perceive the value of each of these customers. Remember to evaluate the following channels: visit direct through very well trained advisors Call Center or contact center staff also very well-formed Web presence with interactive portals easy to use greater use of electronic mail as a means of communication with the integration of channels such as Fax client and other traditional media that you can not lose now finallyIt is necessary that these channels are supported by the appropriate technology. For this purpose, the minimum that you should think about is in as support every point of contact with an information system that allows check the status of the client and register each of the interactions. Key to the success of a system of multiple channels of interaction-based customer contact is to have a centralized and unified customer information database. To illustrate the subject with an example. Think of a Bank and how you You can now interact with the same. You can use the channel of interaction more traditional, as it is to go to a Bank Office to conduct their transactions. For many years the availability of ATMs is another channel of interaction that can be used.

If you are a very important customer for the Bank, surely it is possible that the Bank assign an Executive commercial or service that you visit in your home or Office to provide advice. You can additionally make use of the phone queries and banking transactions at any time, anywhere. If you are more accustomed to make use of the Internet, you can make use of Virtual banking that most entities offers today. Surely you receive in your e-mail account extracts, communications or promotions from the Bank. In addition you can make use of mobile devices such as cell phones or PDAs with Internet access for their commercial transactions. We hope that these concepts will generate ideas for implement improvements in interaction with the client in your organization. Original author and source of the article

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