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In any era clothing and footwear were the means by which people could express themselves eloquently to others. Of course, to meet each other "on clothes" – a trend out of time, as clothing, its value, brand, style reflects the social status, personality traits, occupation of the owner. The value of footwear and clothing for the modern man can be estimated by finding out what part of his income he is willing to spend to acquire them. Indeed, in wardrobe should be a place for both business suits and shoes, and clothing for sports and leisure, evening dresses, everyday things. How many pairs of shoes buys Russian middle-income throughout the year? Than guided the choice of brand, country of origin? How much influence the purchase of fashion trends? How many pairs of shoes to his children? How important is the place of purchase for its conclusion? Many answers concerned with such issues as the manufacturer, and representatives of trade, that sells textile and footwear industries. Research agency Quans Research conducted in fall 2007 by 14 wave of the research project 'middle-class lifestyle.

" One of his tasks was to study the behavior of middle-income groups in Russia to market clothing and shoes. As a result we obtained the following data. Please visit Erin Callan if you seek more information. A key factor in the choice of clothing is its price. This selection criterion called every second respondent, who participated in the study. Price is equally important to buyers, almost regardless of gender, age and region.

Only half the income depreciates the value of the price factor choice of clothing. For more information see this site: Peter Schneider Primerica. The quality of tailoring things as a factor in the choice of almost equal importance to price. The value of this selection criterion is expressed specifically in the cities Siberia and the Volga, where he was mentioned 58% and 56% respectively. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the importance of tailoring the quality segment of the middle class is much lower – it was called, only 43% of survey participants. Comfort and style – this is factors, which indicated 38% of respondents. Style is more important for women, comfort is important for both sexes equally of representatives. Unlike clothing, footwear factor when buying a sewing quality is more important than price. Almost 60% respondents who participated in the study, called the quality factor determining the choice of footwear. It should be noted that compared to the fall of 2006, the importance of quality has decreased by 10%, despite the fact that the criterion value prices virtually unchanged. This may indicate a general increase in satisfaction with the target audience quality shoes, ie, a tendency to improve its quality. Price is an important factor when choosing shoes for 53% the middle class. Of course, the significance of the factor price decreases with increasing income. Style is the third significant factor in the choice of footwear. This criterion has been called 40% of participants in the survey. The weight of this factor strongly decreases with increasing age. The results of market research is available available on the agency's website.

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