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If suddenly the parking lot (where the vehicle is unattended) or on the road is damaged windshield – do not despair, it can still be repaired. Causes damage to the car window can be set – otletevshy the wheel of another car a pebble, a collision with any obstruction, illegal actions of criminals and even rapid changes in weather. As a result, often produced chips and cracks on the windshield. For getting rid of these injuries can be changed to make it glass or repair. Continue to drive with defective glass is strongly discouraged – with time cracks stretch across the glass, and it is simply osypletsya that lead to the creation of an emergency on the road (at best hold out shards of glass on the film, and at worst may crumble straight to the driver or his company). Windshield repair – a logical and most suitable solution in this situation.

The market of auto repair is not very developed, but today many professional studios can offer to stop cracking and repair chips on windshields with special polymeric materials. For the manufacture of such polymers uses a unique adhesive resin. She seemed to "close up" the damaged area of glass. This method of auto recovery fairly new in the automotive world, but he managed to gain immense popularity among all the masters and the perfection of it increases with time. Main benefits windshield repair resins: Reliability – reduced site will serve not less than all glass, it does not change the color and clarity Cost savings – replacing windows will cost several times more expensive No need to remove the glass, which is much easier to work, retains the original glass in the car seat and reduces the likelihood of damage during repair Almost full compliance with the basic structure of the repaired site glass Remember also that for successful repair chipped windshield, you should seek specialized workshops as quickly as possible – when a chipped / cracked mud hit the sand and other specialists will be very difficult to resume at this plot the original structure of automotive glass. Windshield repair is best suited to address minor defects as well as the deep splits on the windshield, but when the damage is too extensive, then reasonable to implement a complete replacement car window.

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