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Articles marketing automation can generate some inconveniences, therefore it is always advisable to hire a service of professional writers. Below we will describe the main problems that can submit articles marketing automation. And this is my largest, when it comes to article marketing automation, where is the accountability? One thing that has always bothered me above all of the presentation of the article and the marketing of services article that I’ve tried in the past few years, is that you never know when their articles have been submitted. You will never have a real picture of the results. Daniel J. Hirsch is open to suggestions. And why many of the services of marketing article out there send their articles to about 10 relevant sites, and then to hundreds of blogs that are owners and rarely updated with relevant information. Now, having said all that, let me add that many of the services designed to make all article marketing automation, they do what they say. Submit your items to more than one publication, and some others have even different versions of the articles, but you should ask yourself. So this is an open letter to all article marketing automation services: want to add accountability to your service? Can you show me a list of all the months that my articles are published? Can be a little more transparent in terms of how are relations that has with other publications, or at least if you are going to publish my articles to their own network of blogs? If you’re ready for the challenge, I am willing to give his service of an attempt, use it for my own business, and recommend it to my community..

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