When in the tarot Chuck leaves the five of clubs, there is no doubt that there will be a difficulty in door. There can be two different types of difficulties: a foreign and another inside. The external difficulties can manifest small obstacles in everyday life. Itself are not major problems, are small stones in the road, that we take our progress making it harder. In terms of the internal conflict that shows us this letter is of a more serious nature. Says the person who consultation must take moral decisions, those that where the mind and the heart are in different places.

Accordingly, when we see this deck on the table, the news is not good, in principle. When an external battle awaits us, the dominant feature will be that there will be a multitude of conflicts that we will attack at once. It will be necessary then that person organize and find the priority right for each of the situations. This will be the first step for the resolution of this uncertain situation. The five attackers that are seen in the figure are even in their forces, not being none stronger than others.

It is only in the union of all forces that the consultant will be in real trouble. It is necessary, therefore, stay calm, and attack the problems of a one. This deck tells us that there is an inclination to the audacity and loss of control, consequently it is forced to not allow that the problems engulfing us. The approach that we will give to the internal battles is simil. The strategy is a key weapon, since the energy of this card is wild, untamed, it appeals to the most primitive feelings of fear and aggression. In such circumstances, having a clear mind and a head that thinks clearly tends to be synonymous with resolution of the disadvantages. We have to find the internal source of conflict, and correct mistakes. Guilt is one of the main ingredients of this Arcanum. While there is no forgiveness there is no peace. Forgiveness and repentance will be key. How to act if this deck out revealed in the circulation of the Tarot. The positive side of the coarse is the natural energy that this series of barajas has, and that the person concerned can take advantage in their favor. We will have to use all our diplomatic skills, to achieve, through the transaction and negotiation, the best possible solution. The revelation of the five of wands in the tarot Chuck Tarot friend some ways make the circulation of the Tarot cards

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