Arab League

Exactly this humanistic Fort step the Palestinian Muslims refused so far, and instead ask Allah for help even though there are many Arab Muslim States (such as Arab League) that could help if they wanted to! We remember: our brain takes in contrasts (5 + 3 – sense cognition, categories are catalogued) was to think in opposites (light dark, we-you, right wrong), acts and thinks analog (80% control, art conservation) (emotional, friend-enemy opponents) and digital (20% control, rational, was wrong reason, good evil). The reason (justification) is determined by the feeling (decision) 3 to 7 seconds. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nicholas Carr has to say. The selective 5 + 3 sense true business of opposites and contrasts thinking promotes only the confrontation (self-er attitude, art conservation): first of all, people are social suckle animals (root and) Zwischen-Gehirn), emotion – or drive controlled by hormones (food, mating, apartment). The body works automatically without good evil difference in learned behavior patterns. We behave as if we were still helpless part of a food chain (natural conversion cycle).

Then came our thinking brain (cortex: good evil difference) Add. It brought the man, first in the West, to value-creation chains, thereby created its about 165 gods. He now had the ability to cooperation and synergies. We remember in addition: the German lawyers were and are trained only in confrontation. About 10 years ago they suddenly mutated to Kooperatisten. They found the new money source: moderation and mediation. To get a positive response of a first negative feeling, reason must have chosen only the positive feeling. But the Western enlightenment and whose education is required! With their help we incorporate behavior filters (standards > values worlds). As usual, someone comes from the archaic (Jews, Muslims) eye-to-eye- and how you me as I friends principle humanist adjustment in our basic law: the wording of the law is available through every citizen! All are equal before the law.

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