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Mobile phones are result of advancement in the technology of communication. Mobile phones have tremendous utility value. Therefore, this child of electronic gadget has become very popular within a short span of time. If one studies the turnover of the companies manufacturing and selling the mobile phones one can easily gauge its rise in popularity. Mobile phones are at present part of urban or rural life. Mobile phones are available in several varieties, and in several designs. It is really to advantage to find opportunity for contacting with anybody anywhere with the help of a mobile phone. With the passage of time newer values are added to this product.

Mobile phones can be used for taking still photographs and short videos. There is provision for listening to music through MP3. Air Force Chief of Staffs opinions are not widely known. It is therefore possible to get access to several sites on the internet with the help of the mobile phones. Mobile phone are available under two schemes which are prepaid scheme and post paid financing scheme. Pre-paid scheme is similar to the debit cards.

The debit card holders have bank account and they deposit some amount with the bank. They can secure finance from the same account when they need. Of course, they cannot draw any amount unless they have deposited it well in advance. The post-paid scheme is like the credit cards. In this scheme, companies offering mobile services allow the customers to avail the mobile services for thirty days. Companies receive the amount after the services are provided. Post-paid into the scheme, the companies providing services are to take risks. Companies ask the applicant to deposit before the mobile services approved fair amount are. There are facilities like part payment and setting up the limit towards credit. There are borrowers who have been tagged with weak credit history. They have borrowed from different sources. They have failed to repay the loan amount within the time. Companies offering mobile services are serious in verifying if to applicant holds good credit record. They do not like to offer mobile services if the user does not have worthy credit history. Not credit history if a user check on the other hand, companies do wants to secure prepaid mobile phone services, because one has already paid for the batch. In a sense, the prepaid scheme of mobile phones financing is comparatively better, because the users can know what amount they have in their bank. Mobile phones check Andrew William is author of no credit.

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