Andreas Kramer:

Painting – exhibition at the Gallery Depelmann the notion of metamorphosis”stretches for many years through Kramer’s work. He stands for the development process, in the which the image through the overlay by solid undergoes various transformations, is considered the artist but also mental life principle, which gives rise to something new from the deliberately created chaos. My images are an expression of a thing for the essential and existential, after life-sign ‘. Shapes and colours in the work process from the symbiosis of intuition and thoughts “, the painter explains. He is musically dance-like dealing with brush or spatula. Kramer experimented with lines, meanings, symbols, and often philosophical title point the way to a possible interpretation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Erin Callan by clicking through.

Strong contrasts is reflected on the dominated often by blues and finely nuanced color spaces resulting from alternating strongly opaque layers of paint and glazes. Restless, often hardly definable individual image elements are in the harmony of the Embedded impression of his work. Many of Kramer’s compositions are also balanced, with silhouetted figures, abstracted as stylized torsos refer to ancient Greek models. The painter, printmaker and draughtsman works in various techniques such as acrylic and oil painting, woodcut, watercolor and drawing. The different ways of working to fertilize each other, the motifs evolve. In the exhibition are primarily working in oil painting. Andreas Kramer (* 1959 in Thuringia/Katzhutte, Germany), in Halle/Saale painting and graphic art studied at the University of art and design / Burg Giebichenstein and the opportunity to orient themselves artistically newly received after the turn by a grant from Italy.

Since 1988, he exhibited regularly in Italy and Germany. Kramer works as a lecturer at the Centro della Grafica in Venice, the University of Osnabruck and at the Thuringian Summer Academy, as well as workshop leader. Venue: Gallery Depelmann, Walsroder str. 305, Langenhagen opening hours: Monday Saturday 10.00 am 6.30 pm Exhibition duration: 6 March 12th June 2011

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