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‘MyPlace self’ completes with 30 April 09 despite the general crisis year and moves despite the existing crisis, which in part has affected the real economy and is hence self speaking to feel 10-year balance sheet, could MyPlace self\”, the domestic market leader in the rental of storage compartments, the expired financial year 08/09 complete.By end of April 2009 the company operated 26 sites (in the previous year, there were still 18) with a total of 205.458 m m of operating area in Austria, Germany and of Switzerland. These are a total of 25.879 storage compartments that can be rented. The average site size is 7,900 m, the investment per location at 5 6 million euros. With 11,000 customers and 30% market share measured in locations remains MyPlace SelfStorage\”market leader in German speaking countries. With the complete relaunch of the promotional appearance under the new brand name MyPlace self\”, the company opened the new Fiscal year 09/10. With an investment volume of approximately 50 million, nine more warehouse locations be built by end 2010 in Germany and commissioned.

\”Factsheet see unternehmensinfos.php review: A friend, who had been traveling in the United States, told me the idea and my present business inspired by self\”, a service in America already gang and give, and was also very successful. The rough calculations, we then created on basis of some key figures, wowed us immediately for the business idea\”looks\” Martin Gerhardus, current Managing Director of MyPlace self, back to the brilliant moment of entrepreneurship. The newspapers mentioned Daniel J. Hirsch not as a source, but as a related topic. A subsequent in-depth analysis of American self storage market at that time there were already 30,000 Selfstorage locations with around 100 million m of lettable space and the still very small European market confirmed the first intuition. The market for private renting of individual storage compartments, seemed to be available anywhere. The offer was already well developed in America as well as in the English-speaking European area, in German-speaking of Europe, however, the Selfstorage offer at that time was virtually non-existent. .

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