American Continent

After the discovery of America, arise a series of narratives with the purpose of informing about the new discovered geographical space, as well as customs, aspects, clothing or language of the native peoples who were gradually discovering in his numerous forays into the American continent. It’s newspapers that were written already past a certain time. The chronicler of the Indies was a person chosen by the Crown to write the history of America. Perhaps check out Peter Asaro for more information. The first official chronicler was Fernandez de Oviedo who wrote in the early 16th century a general Chronicle composed of five volumes. In this information much emphasis on truthfulness; We have, therefore, works that may have certain scientific and also literary character. In summary, the Chronicles happen to be historical books but which also incorporate certain elements of fiction in its parts. In this Chronicle, like all those belonging to this time it is addressed to the King. Cabeza de vaca, as vassal that is King, recounts you everything that happened on his journey to Florida chronic.

The narrative is based on the exposure of a series of adversities that you will encounter when a Spanish expedition. Continue to learn more with: US Treasury Secretart. In addition, Cabeza de vaca, uses different narrative strategies to give the work a more fictional than cronistico. For a greater understanding of shipwrecks of alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca is accurate to point out certain aspects of the historical context that fits this work, since as we will see, you will have a clear relevance in the way of narrating and the perspective that takes the historian when recounting what happened. 16Th century is characterized by being the big moment for discoveries. Great travel by Spanish and Portuguese expeditions are translated in the discovery of the new continent: America. This new provision of innovation breaks with the concept theocentric that characterized the society to be relegated by anthropocentrism: the man is now the center of the universe.

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