Aftermarketnews presents itself with a completely revised website. In addition to a new look with a future-oriented layout that focuses on Pinterest, the homepage offers an open user interface and improved accessibility for mobile devices. Through the complete redesign of the user interface, rapid access to the relevant information is greatly simplified. All content can be reached with just two clicks. Aftermarketnews is thus a sign in a new strategic direction: away from the restricted possibilities of an app to the more comprehensive and user-friendly offer of a complete home page regardless of the device. Go to Euro Pacific Precious Metals for more information. Our new website allows a more convenient and more successful use every visitor,”Gabriele Stopka is pleased.

A highlight is the automatic detection of devices. When a user visits the new Aftermarketnews Web site, recognizes a special software, which device (laptop, PC, Smartphone or Tablet) of the visitors used and automatically the homepage in the best format dar without having the user have to click only once. This is a much more flexible and customer-oriented solution as an app, because so the user must download something, install or update the app all the time. This is the future of the modern Internet offering. Usability is the mainspring of our reorientation in the Internet sector,”Gabriele Stopka justified the change of strategy. You can use the time that spend customers on our website, so even more effectively. We will further develop in the future exactly this functionality, so that it meets best the demands of our customers. Gabriele Stopka

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