Proportionate the daily conflict for the discernment lack, between what we can – or not – and we must? or – not to acquire and the volume of what it is presented in them, is subtle gone processing, augmenting in ours psiqu. Transformed into hordas of frustrated consumistas, we monthly go committing araquiri of the acquisition of a good very beyond the real possibilities of consumption, or, still, using us of the substitution of the true one for the counterfeited one. Who did not collate with its aesthetic and economic limitations front the determined contents advertising executives, certain informacionais truths? in this happy economy boazinha and, everything can be bought, by means of the financing of interminable installments; of pajero to the dog-hot one. if everybody can, and if everybody has, why not we? of – it credit; it takes financing; card goes. Of certain that we live in a hostile world, adolescentizado, that in them it demands to enjoy of things that we do not want, we do not have, and, most of the time, we do not need and nor we can have.

Unprepared, when very, we come across in them with the vitimizao of our mental integrity, our capacity to distinguish and to opt to what they agree in them in detriment of the passivity of the consumerism wild with that we leave in them to capitulate. Symptomatic, we recognize the effect, but we do not know the causes of this badly to be contemporary. The depression – this badly of the century that places the individual in conflict I obtain exactly – is retroalimentada by the concrete incapacity of if reaching the limits of the apelos that the advertising imposes. If he is not (and if it cannot be) so beautiful, or lean, or rich, or young, as to make to have success and power to enjoy of the magician who the content of the message advertising executive, convincingly, makes in them to believe? How to continue alive, after the fifty, when the world of the advertising affirms only to be possible to be happy to the 15, 30, 40 years? What to say of the advertising that if dirige to the child as white of its siege? Abusive, of course, because the child, either even so highly convincing when asking for, and, many times, in demanding of the adults, is not consumer, does not have judgment of value, election and option of what she can or she must consume.

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