Advent Market

Once again the seniors out of the House draw the interest of the public care at Mount stock in Sulz a.N.. Inspired by the success of last year’s advent market residents and staff agreed, that something better is doing this year. In many discussions, proposals was discussed and finally presented to the home line. It had wondered also contributed a few suggestions Then was looking forward to this year’s advent market. You made the right choice of the exhibition stands? Could you inspire this year again the guests? The answer was clear then shortly after the end of the event. It was once again possible. The right choice of the stands was confirmed by the interest of the guests. The author of Rosy Rau showed a selection of their works.

Mrs Doris Arndt, an artist known beyond the city limits, exhibited her watercolours and Christmas cards. Profumo perfume from Sulz a.N. ensured a pleasant scent and Christmas spirit came at creative candles from Mrs Renate von Bulow on. Of course also a health status could not be missed. The residents themselves had made a great effort and were represented with a crafting booth. These works found great interest.

And as befits a Christmas market there was also a booth with mulled wine and fresh waffles, which was supervised by Mrs. Katharina Reiser and 2 residents. Highlight was the appearance of the home choir under the direction of Bettina Rohrer. They had rehearsed, some Christmas songs Edeltraudt Gotz together with your colleague with the residents. These songs was then presented with so much pleasure, that skipped the spark on number of guests. The result was that you heard a choir throughout the House, from which one could assume he had rehearsed long together. With this event the House showed care at Mount stock in Sulz a.N., once again, that the guiding principle of the House is: together instead of lonely Dieter Poplutz

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